Joining The Community

Joining The Mountainboarding Community
Mountainboarding has a vibrant and friendly community that welcomes riders of all ability, ages and gender. If you’re interested in joining the community, take a look at some of these links.


Remolition is an online mountainboarding magazine with all the best mountainboarding photos, videos, interviews and field reports. You can also check out the Rem Extra blog, and their Facebook page.


SurfingDirt Forum is an international mountainboarding forum with riders from all over the world. It’s a great place to ask questions, and get to know other mountainboarders.


The ATBA-UK is the National Governing Body for Mountainboarding. It’s mission is to support the growth of mountainboarding in the UK by encouraging beginners, organising competitions, and administering mountainboard instructors. You can join the ATBA-UK for all kinds of membership benefits including discounts at shops and centres. You can also follow the ATBA-UK on Facebook.

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