Information for Parents

Information for Parents

In this age of childhood obesity and computer games, anything that gets kids active and having fun outside has got to be a good thing. If mountainboarding is that thing for your kids then we’ve put together some info that will help you to help them enjoy it and make the most of it.

What is mountainboarding?

Sometimes it’s called ‘skateboarding on rough terrain’, which is kind of right. Mountainboarding is a boardsport like skateboarding but it is much easier to learn and has a much friendlier community. It gets called ‘snowboarding on wheels’, and that’s also kind of correct, but where as snowboarders need a snowy mountain or an artificial slope, mountainboarding can be done on just about any hill. There’s a reason mountainboarding also gets called ‘all terrain boarding’, and that’s because it really can be done on pretty much all terrain.

Why would my kids want to go mountainboarding?

Because it’s fun. And because it’s exciting. If your child likes rope swings and sledging, then they’ll love the sensation of mountainboarding down a hill, and they’ll love the sense of achievement they get.

Is mountainboarding safe?

Yes. It’s as safe as any other physical activity, and as long as your child follows a few basic safety guidelines there is no reason for them to get anything more than a few bumps and bruises. Always wear helmet and pads. Always ride within your limits. Always watch out for other people.

How can my child have a go?

The best way to try out mountainboarding is to visit a mountainboard centre where they (and you) can have a basic lesson for about ten pounds, that will include hire of the board, helmet and pads, and instruction from an ATBA-UK qualified instructor.

What if we don’t live near a centre?

You still may be able to get a lesson from one of the many mountainboard instructors around the country. Email the ATBA-UK at [email protected] and they’ll try to put you in touch with an instructor in your area.

How young can kids be?

Most mountainboard centres have a lower age limit of eight years old, but some will let kids as young as six have a go. The main limiting factor is whether the child has the body weight to turn the board.

How much does it cost to get into mountainboarding?

The biggest cost is buying the board. There are lots of boards available from all kinds of places but we recommend buying from a reputable retailer to make sure you get a board that won’t fall apart after a couple of weeks. A good beginners board could cost between £100 and £200. You should also buy helmet, wristguards, elbow pads and knee pads, and some shops will do all-inclusive deals so you get everything you need to get riding. Once you’ve got all the equipment, all you need is to get to somewhere you can ride. You might be lucky and live near a public park on a hill, or close to a mountainboard centre that has tracks and jumps, but will cost. After buying all the kit, mountainboarding should be a fairly cheap hobby.

My child loves it and wants to get better

Great! Improvement comes with practice. The more time they spend riding, the better they’ll get. Riding with others is a good way to improve so go to a centre (some even offer improver lessons), join up with other local mountainboarders, or get some friends into it. The top level mountainboarders are continually pushing what can be done on a board so there’s plenty to learn.

Anything else you’d like to know?

If you have any other questions please email us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to answer your question.

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