Falling is a fact of mountainboarding life, no way round it, so lets learn how to do it safely.

Falling from your Mountainboarding

There is a good chance you will fall over at some point whilst mountain boarding so it is a good idea to learn how to do it as safely as possible to reduce the chances of injuring yourself. The best way of avoiding falls is to always be in control and ride within your limits, but if you ever find yourself going too fast or you feel like you´re going to fall, there is a checklist you can go through that will help. If your board wobbles whilst you´re riding, the first thing to do is to check that you have enough weight on your front leg by having a quick look down at your front foot. If putting more weight on your front leg doesn´t stop the wobble and get them back in control of the board, the next thing to do is to crouch down low. This will give you a lower centre of gravity and will mean you will wobble less. And if you do fall you will be closer to the ground so it will hurt less.

If you are completely out of control and are sure you´re going to fall it is better to fall on purpose in a controlled manner than to fall by accident. To fall in a controlled manner you should crouch down low and gently slap the ground between your toes with your wrist guards. Your hands will then act as an anchor and pull your body around so your head faces up hill and your board is sliding down hill. Your elbow pads will then touch the ground, and then your knee pads, and you will slide to a stop. Falling in this way means that only your pads touch the ground and because of the body position your head doesn´t hit the ground.

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