StanceOnce you’ve set yourself up on your board you can move on to getting your stance correct.


You need to figure out which stance you are: regular (left leg forward) or goofy (right leg forward). Some people know which feels right straight away, some people have to think about it a bit. Most people ride with their strongest leg at the back but you should decide which way feels most comfortable for you.

When you’re riding, you need to keep your legs bent, which will lower your centre of gravity and mean your legs can act as suspension when going over rough ground. Your shoulders should be parallel to the board and directly over your feet, with your head turned towards the direction of travel.

Weight distribution

It is very important that you ride with more weight on your front leg than your back leg in order to maintain control of the board. You might find that you have a natural tendency to lean back as you ride down the hill. This is because that is what your brain tells your body to do when you’re walking down a hill, but that you have to fight this urge and make youself lean forward on your front leg.

You can make sure you have more weight on your front leg by bending it a little more than your back leg. One way of making sure that you have the correct riding position is that you shouldn´t be able to see your front foot as the knee pad will get in the way if your front leg is bent correctly. You should also try to remember that if you can see your front foot whilst riding, then your front leg is too straight and there´s a chance you will lose your balance and fall backwards off the board.

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