Starting A Mountainboard
Now you’ve got your stance sorted and you’re feeling confortable on your board, let´s look at how to start rolling with your mountainboard.

The best way to get used to starting with your board is to get someone to help you. They can put a foot in front of the wheels to stop the board from rolling away whilst you get strapped in. But if you’re on your own, or want to learn some different starting techniques try these:

Jump Start

Jump Starts are a good way to get rolling in a controlled way, so you can get going as slow or as fast as you want. If you have heelstraps, noSno soft bindings, or snowboard bindings, then Jump Starts are definitely for you.

Position your board across slope so it can’t roll anywhere. Put both your feet in the bindings and make sure they are secure. Jump the front of the board around so the front of the board begins to face down the hill. Using small jumps you can start your board rolling on a diagonal line down the hill, or using one big jump you can turn your board ninety degrees to face straight down the hill.

Hill Start

Hill Starts are one of the easiest ways for a beginner to get rolling as you are in complete control of your board. If it’s your first go, and you don’t have heel straps, give this a try.

Position you board pointing down hill, but watch it doesn’t roll away. Put you front foot into the front binding and check it´s secure. Bend down and hold the toe-side rear wheel with your rear hand. Make sure you’ve got a good grip as this is what will stop you from rolling away. Then put your rear foot in the rear binding and check it´s secure. When you are ready to roll, let go of the wheel and stand up, making sure you’ve got enough weight on your front leg to get control of your board.

Skate start

If you´ve ridden a skateboard before, or you´re starting on a shallow slope and want to pick up some speed to start, then you might want to try Skate Starts.

Position your board so it´s facing downhill, put your front foot into the front binding and make sure it´s secure. Then give a few pushes along the ground with your back foot. Some people find it easier to push on the heel-side of their board, and some find it easier on the toe-side. The important thing to remember is that a mountainboard is pretty wide and it´s easy to catch a wheel with your back foot. When you’ve gained enough speed by pushing, step your back foot onto the centre of the deck to get your balance before putting it into the bindings. This is a bit easier than trying to get your foot in the bindings straight from pushing.

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